WDSF competitions and Super Seniors Standard will be danced on the total floor with dimensions 24m x 12m

Closed National Championship will be danced on one floor equal with the WDSF competitions.

Seats will be on plattforms rising to about 60cm at rear end, so that good view is granted even from seats in back rows. In general there is free seating, only some seats will be reserved by the organizers for sponsors and VIPs. Please do not make own reservations - they will be removed and are not accepted.

Changing rooms are in easy connection to the hall and have a lot of coat hangers and chairs. The organizers are supported by Vöslauer Drinks and provide enough bottles of Mineralwater, Pepsi and Seven-Up for free to the competitors.

A Buffet for Snacks, Drinks and Coffee/Tea is established and open during the full time of all competitions.

A foto service for dancers is available and boots for accessoires and dance materials are arranged.

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