Due to the unexpected high number of entries and the limits of our timetables online entries are closed - Sorry !

Current List of Entries

FinalTimetable - major changes due to number of entries on Saturday and Sunday - we start 1 hour earlier than previously announced! Please check your starting times!


Entries on the day are only possible, if no change in the timetable is caused.

Entry-Fee per couple:
per Day and Competition:     € 40.-  *); multiple entries per day:  € 45.- *) 
*) only with payment by Paypal or to Bank Account!

Payments for entry can be done:

a) by Paypal at online entry

b) to bank account as follows:
BIC: GIBAATWWXXX     IBAN: AT922011100003504476

c) in Cash at Check-In at the event
Surcharge:                 + € 20.- on total sum.

Cancellation-Fee € 10.- if cancellation is reported after March 1st.

No refund at cancellations after April 1st, 2018. Refund can be calculated for Entry Fees for 2019.




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